UGG - SS22

Colorful blobs, soft shoes, bright, light and fun atmosphere - yeah, count us in for this kind of brief! This is the result of our collaboration with creative team at UGG for the SS22 campaign. Beside doing all digital explorations and animation, we were able to try ALL the shoes while working on this gig. We spare you with this images though.

The beautiful part of this teamwork was the trust the UGG team put into our working pipeline and production management.  In the first stage we had a quick RND turnaround where we shared and discussed all concepts and ideas no matter of the quality of render. Then. we decided what is worth improving and what didn't stick at all. Afterwards we moved into full production mode and produced animation and in the same time did the 3D model of the shoe. We used the shoes for OOH prints and all motion graphics.

        LTA ︎︎︎

        MAXI ︎︎︎

        EXPLORATIONS ︎︎︎

        RETOPO and MODEL ︎︎︎

↝  credits


Design & Direction: VVAND
Retopology: Maurice Jochem
Sound: Jürgen Branz