Tylko - Matte Black

Tylko approached us to create a short film for their latest material build update - Type 02 in Matte Black.

We used a very minimal design approach so the focus is the furniture. We focused on only one main highlight color/brand color and some signal tones as an accentuation that shows different parts of the film like product visualization, fitting, close up/details and construction. This way the balance feels just right with the black and white contrast. Some of the little highlight colors, make the frame pop a little bit. Also the organic, off framed objects break up the strong lines of the furniture and the whole setting. Actually this in one of the very first designs and we kept it in the final film — doesn’t happen that often. Thanks to the creative and very collaborative team at Tylko.

        EXPLORATIONS ︎︎︎

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Design & Direction: VVAND
Sound: Jürgen Branz